Welcome to the Treasury!

This site is the creative vision of Irene Davis, a glass and metal artist, living in Northern Arizona. I am not an experienced web designer, so please forgive the less than perfect web design, but I am learning! I have devoted the last several years to the production of hand crafted jewelry, glass beads, and historic clothing accessories.

My jewelry and accessories are focused into two main categories:

  • reproductions of pre-1600 clothing accessories and jewelry, and
  • modern art jewelry

Now somehow “modern” sometimes sounds like a dirty word to me.It often implies cheap or poorly made items. But that is NOT what I do! So what do I mean by “modern”? Why post 1600’s of course! You see one of the complexities of my life is belonging to the Society for Creative Anachronism. This educational non-profit organization focuses on the reenactment of day to day life prior to 1600 AD.

I carefully hand construct every piece of jewelry choosing appropriate materials for each piece according to its intended use. I hand craft all glass beads used in my art to insure the most faithful recreations of historic jewelry, and the highest quality in my modern jewelry.

copyright – Irene Davis, 2013
PO Box 105
Ash Fork, AZ 86320
(831) 320-0765

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