Custom Work

I actually started my career as an independent jewelry artist doing custom work. People would see something that I had made and ask if I could make them something, too. Thirteen moves, and the pictures of many of my pieces seemed to have disappeared into space, but I do have a few pictures of favorite pieces.

The first pictures are of Baron Master Aquel of Darkstead Wood – he wanted a silver torc, with a stag, that could be taken on and off easily. So I made him a hinged torc, with sand cast Scythian style stags and a simple hook closure. The band of the torc is reticulated to simulate antler.

This coronet belongs to Baroness Mistress Aurelia d”Ouessant. She wanted it to be a simple gold band with pearls. I designed it with her company mascot, on the front and back panels, with blank panels for future honors. When she became a member of the Order of the Golden Poppy, and a Laurel we replaced the plain panels with alternating poppies and laurel wreaths.
Over the years I have made a considerable number of custom necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Here is a modern anklet that I made for a friend who wanted something sparkly and sturdy for dancing – this is the final mockup that she approved – she loves it and has ordered another!

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