Historic Jewelry

I decided to put this page together for people who are curious about what historically based jewelry might be, or what sort of historic jewelry I do. I have chosen just a few pieces that hopefully will give folks a taste of the type of variety they will actually find at my internet shop.

So, first we have some penannular brooches, brass and copper, ranging in size from about an 1 1/4 to about 3 1/2 inches. They are suitable for closing the neckline of a tunic, attaching or closing cloaks, and many other things.

Next we have three necklaces – the first based on North African pieces with a pendant from Egypt, the second based on Persian finds, and the third based on Roman glass.
Cobalt Wheel Set
Persian Loop Large
Spring Green Roman
And just so you won’t think that I don’t have any distinctly European pieces. I have included a Viking toiletry set, a Memento Mori Rosary and a Viking Dragon Pendant.
Etsy 155DSC_4109


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